Monday, July 25, 2011

This is what they call a "frosty" morning here in Rotorua. There is ice on car windows and it is expected to be no warmer than @48 degrees F today. You can see your breath outside! Our hotel is right on the lake where there is a constant steam cloud floating up from the water... and, of course. the sulfur smell!

We are actually quite fortunate to be in the North Island as the South Island, specifically Christchurch and Wellington, have been hammered with snow, delaying flights, interrupting all sorts of services, and generally making life difficult while maintaining the top news story like a nor'easter might do.

I am having some trouble connecting in my room and therefore cannot upload photos right now but will do so ASAP. It really is beautiful and there ought to be some excellent photos after todya's excursions.

Time is up online for me so let's chat later!

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